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Comfort cards are more than just cards. They are messages of hope, love and support that you can send to anyone who needs a little boost. Whether it s a friend going through a tough time, a family member facing a challenge, or a stranger who could use some kindness, even in good times, comfort cards are a way to show you care. Order yours today and spread some comfort!

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When you get to the edge of difficulty. Trust God fully. Because two things can happen. Either He ll catch you when you fall, or He will teach you how to fly
Even in the midst of difficult circumstances, we can trust in God s goodness and faithfulness.
We are not alone in our struggles. God is always with us, ready to guide us and support us through every season of life.
Learning to fly is a beautiful metaphor for maturing and trusting God more. It is a process of letting go of our fears and doubts and relying on God s guidance instead of our own feelings. We can learn to trust God completely by choosing God daily, studying His word, and following His guidance.
The card is smooth with a glossy front and an uncoated back. Vibrant, full color printing. The decadent paper is thicker than a bank card and more than twice as thick as most (business) cards.
This is what it feels like: silky soft front and back with a light texture.

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Weight 3,7 g
Dimensions 8,5 × 5,5 cm

Glossy paper, Weight: 800 g/m²